Websites :   Whatever your status and goals, Standout Arts is committed to offering affordable and professional websites that meet your specifications and your budget.  Designs are completely customized. *See More





Logo Design :   The first step in developing your visual identity is your logo.  Standout Arts will work with you to develop a look and style that represents the personality that you want to project.  *See More




Flyers & Business Cards :   Handouts are a great way to educate your audience and gain attention.  They also provide important retentive contact information, working to provide a long-lasting opportunity for outreach and communication with the people with which you're working to connect.  *See More



Brochures & Rack Cards :   Deliver comprehensive information or a simple overview with a customized layout and design to professional present your information.  There are so many options available.  We'll help you determine which route is best for you, based on your specific goals and the piece's application.   *See More













Banners & Posters/Signage & Large-Format :  Get noticed near and far with large format pieces that convey your message while maintaining your unique look and style.




Print Advertising :  Get noticed near and far with large format pieces that convey your message while maintaining your unique look and style.  *See More



Vehicle Wraps & Graphics :  Turn your vehicle into advertising opportunities wherever

you go!  Whether you need a detailed, application-ready layout for a full vehicle wrap design or simple, formatted graphics (logos, text, etc.), Standout Arts will work with you to develop artwork that meets your goals and is compatible with production requirements.  Standout Arts work directly with the producer, as needed, to help ensure that the results are just what you have envisioned.


Freehand Artwork :  Portraits, sketches, cartoons, illustrations, digital illustrations and wall murals, and caricatures are some of the freehand artwork services that are provided by Standout Arts.  Most portrait drawings are done in pencil, sized at 8.5" x 11", with digital copies provided, sized to any specifications that work for you (8" x 10", 11" x 14", etc., for framing or other application).  Digital illustrations can be scaled to any specific size and can be delivered to you in a digital format or printout, or a combination of the two.  Turn-around time on freehand artwork is about 1-2 weeks for most projects.  *See More




Newsletters :  Inform, educate or introduce.  Newsletters offer a versatile way to communicate.  From printed, single or multi-page newsletters to digital, email newsletters, Standout Arts will work with you to design and format the newsletter style and character that you wish to portray.  All design layouts are customized to your preferences.  Finalized artwork will be press-ready or formatted for email distribution based on your preferences.  Discounted printing options are available, or you may opt to use any printer of your choice.  Various file formats are available based on the application.



Apparel & Promotional Items :  Event swag, staff apparel, and giveaways are great opportunities to maximize your exposure.  Standout Arts will work with you to develop production-ready artwork that makes the most of the space and works cohesively with the primary application/distribution method.  Standout Arts will develop customized designs for your pieces and provide you with proofs along the way.  When you approve the artwork proof, we'll do the homework for you to provide you with comparison production cost estimates and can handle everything from design to delivery, saving you time and money!  As a design firm with a relationship with a number of professional sign companies and producers, Standout Arts is afforded production discounts that can offer substantial savings to you.  Standout Arts will provide you with the estimates, work directly with the producer, so that you receive your pieces efficiently and one, simple invoice.



General Graphic Design :  Sometimes, you just need a logo cleaned up and formatted to work in vector applications.  Or, you may need a file converted into a different format.  Perhaps, you need Photoshop work on a photo or image.  General graphic design services are always available.  Billed by the hour, in quarterly increments, Standout Arts works hard to provide fair and honest pricing on all projects.  General graphic design jobs vary, ranging from very simple to quite complex.  Whatever your needs, please contact Standout Arts to learn how we can be of assistance.  Based on the nature of your job, Standout Arts is happy to provide you with detailed project information, including cost and turn-around time estimates.  If you have an urgent job, rush services are also fully available.  *See More



Copywriting & Campaign Development :  Because our professional background includes five years as the Creative Director for a multi-station radio group, Standout Arts has extensive experience in developing broadcast commercial campaigns and commercial copywriting.  Additionally, Standout Arts works to integrate our copywriting experience into graphic design projects such as websites and brochures - assisting you in developing thought-out ideas and streamlined verbiage.

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