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Is Your Website "THAT" Room?

Is Your Website "THAT" Room?

We all have that one room in our home. You know what I’m talking about:  That room that nobody wants to enter because their afraid they’ll never be able to find their way out.  Every time you walk by that room, you think to yourself: “Someday, I’m going to clean that room up!” But you never do because, quite honestly you don’t quite know where to even begin. So, inevitably, you just shake your head, close the door, and walk away.

Now, go and take a look at your website’s landing page. What do you see there? Is it cluttered with outdated announcements, events, random pictures, long paragraphs, pictures of your founders, your mission statement and anything else you can possibly fit into one tiny screen? If so, your visitors are probably running far away at speeds that are faster than the site can even load.

We all want our website visitors to know how wonderful we are so that they will want to work with us, buy from us or volunteer with us. So, we run into the trap of feeling as though we need to hit them with all the information that we can possibly cram into our landing page, all at once.

But…did you know that a super crowded landing page actually has the opposite effect? By giving their brains way too much to take in, your Call To Action can quickly and easily get lost in the clutter.

The reality is that your website visitors only want to know three things when they visit your landing page:  

- What do you do?

- How does that help me?

- How do I get it?

If your website’s visitors can’t answer these three questions within a matter of seconds, they’ll probably leave.  But if they can answer these three questions efficiently, and they determine that you have something of value to offer them, they will be much more willing to stick around to learn more about what you have to offer.

We don’t want to see your visitors shaking their heads, closing the door and walking away.  We are happy to do a free, no obligation analysis of your website.  Let us help you declutter your landing page so your visitors will want to stick around long enough to discover just how wonderful you are.

Mike Ruch is the Administrator for Valley Good Neighbor and Account Executive for Standout Arts.  He loves to create killer websites with a clear call to action so you can enjoy consistent and sustainable growth.  You can reach Mike by phone at 540-447-9632 or by email at

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