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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Website? I'm On Social Media.

Any reputable business needs a professional-looking website. Having a Facebook page is not a substitute for having a website. Your website is representative of your brand. Your social media accounts are not your property and in the end, you actually have very little control over the types of content that social channels will publish and how the content will be displayed. The look and flow of the social channels match the brands of their provider (i.e. Facebook). A website is your online representative for your business that you own and control. Great social media channels help bring traffic to your website where you can prompt visitors to take precise actions that help you to reach your goals within your total marketing strategies.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

Larger projects such as websites can take as little as 1 week and up to several months, depending on the scope of the project. Graphic design projects such as brochures are typically completed in less than one week. Revisions to graphic design projects or updates to websites are typically completed within 48 hours. For any project, the turnaround time is heavily based on communication and approvals.

How Do You Compare To Hiring An In-House Marketing Manager?

We love working with in-house marketing managers. We're not competition to their positions within a business or organization - we're a support team for businesses that have "a marketing person" on staff; and we're a full-service marketing department for businesses who do not have a team of marketing professionals available in-house. We provide the same projects as marketing and art departments: brand continuity, content development, copywriting, commercial photography, image editing, graphic design, website management, and social media management. We also provide marketing consultations, event planning assistance, and facilitation with projects handled through third-party vendors such as printers, sign companies, apparel and promotional products companies. We also help with media management, press releases, and public relations. We work collaboratively with point persons. Many times, we work directly with business owners. Other times, we work in tandem with an in-house marketing or office manager.

Do I Own My Website?

Almost all of our website packages provide our clients with 100% ownership of the website (and all of its contents) when the website's design and development investment has been paid in full. The only exception is a package that may offer a very low monthly fee, to include website hosting and other features, in lieu of a 12-month payment agreement or upfront payment. Ongoing monthly payments for websites (beyond 12 months) is an option usually reserved for non-profits and very small businesses who simply need to have a simple online presence on a very small budget. Otherwise, we provide options for an upfront prepayment (with a discount) or interest-free monthly payments for up to 12 months. (Just keep in mind that all websites require domain name registration and hosting. Those services require small, ongoing fees associated with keeping your website online.)

I Want To Talk To Shannon. Is She Available?

Shannon loves communicating with clients - and no matter how involved in a project she may be, she works very hard to provide some method of personal service to each and every client - whether it's an initial onboarding consultation, a video conference, an in-person meeting, a scheduled call, or of course, one of her patented long-winded emails, Shannon maintains involvement with all Standout Arts clients on various levels. While she may not take lead on every project, she's always in the loop in some capacity; and you're always encouraged to message in to set up a time to talk if you have something that needs her attention. Because we're a small team - and Shannon's role as Owner & Creative Director keeps her very busy - we all work collaboratively to serve our clients. You may get an email from Brandon asking for your opinion on a website update that we've started for you; or you may get a phone call from Kim to let you know that she's emailed a logo idea over to you. Regardless of who's taking lead on a project, rest assured that all of us are working for you; and we're always looking forward to exceeding your expectations.

Where Are You Located?

We serve clients nationwide and are based in Augusta County, Virginia (Waynesboro, Virginia, Fishersville-Staunton, Virginia areas); and we have a remote office in near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I Need A Project ASAP. Can You Help?

Probably. We're kind of semi-almost-famous for our fast turn-around time. That said, we keep very busy and larger projects do usually require time. The best way to find out if we can help you with an urgent deadline is to message us to tell us about your project and its deadline. We'll do everything we can to help you get the project completed beautifully and on time (if not ahead of time).

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