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Standout team

We're a creative marketing agency who's obsessed with professionalism.

What we do.

We are a creative, experienced full-service marketing agency working as a dynamic, self-motivated, reliable and exceptionally communicative partner providing a comprehensive, wide range of marketing services to help businesses and organizations achieve their marketing and branding objectives. Here're some of the services we provide for our clients:

Logo Design & Branding or Rebranding

Web Design & Development

Digital & Traditional Marketing

Media Management

Ad Design


Graphic Design

Video & Photo Editing

Campaign Strategies

Aerial/Drone Photography & Videography

Social Media

Commercial Photography

What's in a name?

The word "STANDOUT" is defined as a person or thing of exceptional ability or high quality.

"Standout Arts" refers to our goal to break outside of common graphic, web design, and marketing templates to create materials that best represent our clients' own, unique personalities, tones of voice, goals, background, values, and missions.

We recognize that consumers are inundated with marketing messages, ads, and promotions on an ongoing, near-relentless basis.

We use an artistic, creative approach to develop and build upon messages and advertising that "stand out" amid the "noise".

While marketing and advertising involves a certain amount of "science" with respect to understanding consumer behavior, tracking trends, reviewing key performance indicators (KPIs), developing strategies, and reviewing a considerable amount of data, we believe that in the end, advertising and marketing are more of an "art" than a "science". Specifically, we believe that marketing and advertising should be flexible in their strategic approach. There are times when numbers and data simply do not effectively represent the entire picture. Instead, we believe in creating an adaptive, story-telling approach to our designs, campaigns, and branding strategies.

Additionally, we work collaboratively as an internal team and alongside our clients to craft campaigns that are both reflective of our experience and expertise as well as our clients' own specific preferences - even when those preferences are subjective. Finally, we always strive to honor the definition of the word "Standout" by offering the highest quality of service to our clients. This means consistently providing our clients with excellent communication, professionalism, and kindness in all that we do.

We create "art" that is flexible, interesting, engaging, and creative - with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the materials that we create and the strategies that we implement for our clients are able to be a "standout" campaign even when there's an environment of high saturation in competing marketing and advertising messages, graphics, content, and campaigns.

The "S" icon in our Standout Arts logo represents both the beginning of our name "Standout" as well as the double-S name of our founder, Shannon Sankar. The "S" icon in our logo visually demonstrates a "standout" or "cutout" look, which complements the message behind our brand: Creating graphics and marketing materials that rise out of their environments to "stand out" as unique, interesting, thought-provoking, engaging, memorable, and creative. That...and we're also fans of Superman!

Why Yellow?

We're happy people and we want our clients to be happy! Plus, yellow is known to be a color that symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, happiness and friendship. These are all qualities that our team strives to bring to every client and every project.

We are a team of dedicated, skilled professionals.

Shannon Sankar
Owner & Creative Director
Project Manager. Media Manager. Web Designer. Copywriter. Social Media Content Manager. Graphic Designer.
25+ Years Experience.
Kim Emerson
Art Director & Graphic Designer. Photographer. Layout Artist. Freehand Artist.
20+ Years Experience.
Molly Shea
Executive Assistant & Graphic Designer Content Creator. Researcher. Architectural Interior Designer.
1+ Years Experience.
Max Sankar
Web Developer & IT Specialist
Website Developer. Photographer. Videographer. IT Manager. Researcher. Copy Editor. Website Manager. Aerial/Drone Pilot.
25+ Years Experience.
Jarod Sankar (and Kevin)
Graphic Designer & Video Editor
Social Media Content Creator. Web Designer. Video Editor. Researcher. Assistant. Architectural Designer.
4+ Years Experience.
Megan Pritts
Ducks In Rows Marketing: Owner
Digital Marketing Specialist.
Website SEO Specialist. Graphic Designer. Copywriter. Content Creator. Digital Marketer. 14+ Years Experience.
Elloa Mathis
Graphic Designer & Copywriter
Social Media Content Creator. Copywriter. Architectural Interior Designer.
1+ Year Experience.
Janie Purdham
Communications Assistant
Researcher. Assistant. Social Media Content Curator. Client Care Services Assistant.
1+ Year Experience.
Brandon Mosco
Advanced UX/UI Web Developer, Webflow: Support Tech Expert

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