Virginia Quilt Museum

Marketing, Design, Website


We partner with our clients at Virginia Quilt Museum to provide full-service marketing projects on an ongoing basis.

What we've done

1. Website Design & Development

2. Ecommerce Setup & Implementation (Generating $20,000+ in sales of a $12.50 item in less than 45 days!)

3. Social Media Management & Content Creation

4. Media Management: Proposal Reviews & Advertising Recommendations

5. Graphic Design: Flyers, Posters, Banners, Signs, Business Cards, Billboards, Print Ads

6. Photography & Videography

7. Website Updates and Add-Ons, As Needed

8. Email Marketing

9. Digital Advertising (Display Ads: Geofencing Ads)

10. Copywriting & Project Management

Website Design & Development
Business Card Design
Website Graphic
Social Media Post
Social Media Post

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